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How To Grow Vegetables Indoors

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When it comes to growing vegetables indoors, it is all about good lighting. You will want to choose vegetables that are suitable for the lighting conditions of your growing space. If your space does not get enough direct sunlight for your plants' needs, you can supplement their light requirements with grow lamps.

You will also want your space to be the right temperature, not too hot and not too cold. Next, you will select pots that have good drainage and fill them with nutrient-rich potting soil.

The following is a list of plants to try in your indoor garden--
  • Leafy Greens - Your leafy greens like kale, spinach, swiss chard and arugula will want a moderate amount of light, 8 - 10 hours each day. And they prefer a cool environment, 55 - 65 deg. F. Water frequently and keep their soil damp.
  • Carrots - Carrots like a cooler environment too. But they need taller containers than the leafy greens, because they are a root vegetable and a lot of their growing goes on beneath the surface of the soil. Expect to harvest them a couple of months or more after planting.
  • Peppers - Peppers enjoy lots of light, 12 - 18 hours each day, and a warm environment, around 70 deg. F. They prefer drier soil conditions. So, let the soil dry out completely before watering.
  • Tomatoes - Smaller tomato varieties do well indoors in containers. They thrive at temperatures no less than 65 deg. F and like lots of light. You will also need big containers and stakes to help the tomato plants grow.
Now, you are ready to start your indoor vegetable garden. You may face some challenges gardening indoors, like providing your plants with the right amount of light and water. But, just remember, that these are conditions that you control and can adjust as you learn more about your plants and their environment.

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