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The 5 Easiest Vegetables To Grow

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Gardening is a great way to enjoy the warmer months of the year. There are few things more satisfying than planting a seed and watching it grow into a flower or vegetable.

We have put together five easy vegetables for beginning gardeners to plant. A good tip is to plant what you would eat; we tried to include common kitchen ingredients in our list. .

1- Tomatoes

It's a common sight: big, juicy-looking tomatoes growing in the neighbor's yard every summer. Not only are tomatoes easy to grow, but they can be used in all kinds of foods, and they come in a variety of sizes. Plant the classic big tomato, or go for baby tomatoes. This is a must for a beginner's garden. A typical tomato, when cared for the right way, will be ready for picking in about 65 days.

2- Peas

Not only are peas easy to grow, but planting them is fun. As a vining plant, a gardener can find amusement seeing how tall the vines become and watching them wrap around their trellis. When the flower appears, watch with fascination as its petals fall and it turns into a pea pod. Typically, peas take two weeks to harvest time, so they also grow fast.

3- Radishes

Radishes grow underground, and it's exciting to wait for harvest time, when we get to pull them up and see the fruit of our labor. Common in a kitchen and present in most salads, radishes are ready for harvest after about a month.

4- Lettuce

There are so many varieties of lettuce, but they all have one thing in common: salad would not be the same without them. They also share a cool, low-maintenance air to them. Popular varieties such as Iceberg Lettuce will be ready for harvest in eighty to ninety days.

5- Cucumbers

To complete a home-grown salad, add cucumbers to the garden. There's nothing like a freshly grown cucumber to add the taste of summer to a salad. Cucumbers are usually ready for harvest in fifty-five days.


Gardening provides us with more than fresh vegetables. When we plant seeds or watch our peas grow taller than us, we are given a chance to wonder. We hope this list will help those wanting to get started with this new hobby with confidence.

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