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5 Profitable Home Improvements

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Home improvement can be rewarding by itself and help you enjoy your home more. But if you are doing it to increase the value of your home, you'll need to do some additional research. Some projects are worth a lot more than others. Here's a list of modifications that can increase the value of your home.

Painting is the cheapest home enhancement technique and easily returns more than you paid to get it done. Painting gives the house a new, improved look and can make it look a lot newer than it really is.

You can give the house a beautiful coat of neutral paint. If you don’t know the types of colors to put in different rooms, get recommendations from a proficient expert as paint colors can be complicated. You will have to match the paints with cabinets and flooring as well as the lighting of the house.

Bathroom renovation
Although not cheap, it's still one of the cheaper home improvement options that have a good return on investment. You can change the bathroom floor, framing, plumbing, and electrical to give it a fresher look. Consider this option if you want a return of almost 80 percent of the repair costs after selling the house.

Attic renovation
Many buyers are thrilled by additional space in the basement but if your house has no basement, you can renovate the attic space instead. Or, you can insulate the attic area to regulate temperatures in the house; it's relatively inexpensive and saves you money on heating and air-conditioning even before you sell the house.

Improving the yard
The yard gives the buyer the first impression of the house. An ugly overgrown yard can be a turn-off. You can landscape the yard by cutting overgrown shrubs and adding a green touch by planting new grass and flowers. A professional landscaper can do this. However, if you want to save, why not do it alone?

Repair and replace lighting
Over the years you have lived in your house, probably you may have lighting that no longer works. This investment is affordable. You can buy a chandelier for the living room and fix all broken lights in and outside the house. Also, you can repair defective switches to give the home a new touch.

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