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5 Basement Refinishing Errors and Typical Pitfalls

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Basement refinishing can be a thrilling way to overhaul your home. The advantages of going forward with basement refinishing products are plentiful. Basement refinishing work can give your residence more space. If you want spare storage room, refinishing your basement can help. If you want to design a guest bedroom, ditto. If you're committed to basement refinishing glory, then you should steer clear of these typical and unpleasant pitfalls.

1. Opting for Problematic Wood Studs

It can be awful news to utilize wood materials in basements. That's because basements can be prone to dampness, deterioration and mold development. You should resist the temptation to include wood studs in your basement walls. These studs simply are not capable of managing air that's chock-full of moisture well. So for best long-term results you should ideally stick to studs that are made out of metal.

2. Not Assessing the State of Window Frames

Some people who refinish their basements neglect to assess the states of their window frames. You should closely analyze these frames. You want to see to it that they're closed up correctly. You want to see to it that they have dependable structures in place, too. Failure to assess problems can lead to all kinds of headaches. It can help to make use of weather stripping and caulking.

3. Relying on Materials That Just Aren't Appropriate

If you want your basement refinishing project to epitomize smooth sailing, then you shouldn't rely on materials that just aren't suitable fits. It can be an issue to utilize fiberglass insulation in conjunction with concrete walls. Closed cell spray foam tends to be preferable. It offers a lot of insulation as well.

Meticulously assessing your material choices can help you dodge many potential issues that can be costly to fix.

4. Poor Space and Usage Planning

Make sure you devote just as much energy to contemplating how the space feels, as much as appearance. If you want to create a basement that can feel warm and toasty during the chilly winter months, you should think about perhaps going for electric baseboards. Be sure to think through how your basement will be used, and what future owners might find attractive (if you are planning to sell).

5. Not Being Patient

Impatience leads to errors and oversights. Give yourself as much time as possible to tackle your refinishing work.

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